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If I walked into your home and you weren’t there, would I know who you were?

Design Girlfriend is a home décor show that I created with my partner in life and design, Jamie Bosworth, which is set against the backdrop of renovating the home that we now share. Just like the way you dress, we believe that your home is your personality expressed through the space you live in – along with the people and cherished objects that live there with you! Produced by Harper’s BAZAAR, the series shows you how to transform your home into a space that actively tells the story of your life by reflecting who you are and the way you live. With a little creativity and a few clever design ideas, it's easy to transform a cookie-cutter room that you never use into an impressively unique, conversation-starting space that guests will remember long after they’ve left.

Design Girlfriend is available for streaming here and on Ready to take a deeper dive into personalizing your home décor? Download my e-book The Decorated Life: A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Bringing Your Style Home for practical hacks to transform your home into a space that tells your story.